Fast 5 tips for launching a job board

1. Offer unique valueGo beyond the limits of a job board. Offer more than just a way to publish jobs. See what companies really need. Install also a blog and provide good information related to your target users. 2. The right domainBefore installing your application, do a complete analysis of your competitors and for specific […]

Do not install our application

Do not download and install our application if you plan on just doing these two steps! We see a lot of jobboards outhere online and maybe you should think twice before saying “Wow, this is free! I’ll have my own jobboard”. If you have an idea or plan on launching a job board, write us […]

Twitition for the improvement of job boards

For the improvement of,, If you are going to have a job site, we, the undersigned ask that: – we do not get inundated with marketing materials from your ‘sponsors’ – our talents are not undervalued because of the glut of other applicants for jobs- that you limit sites that spray resumes […]

Job boards are dying?

Here’s a recent report and what some of experts predict will happen in 10 years: job boards will be gone in 10 years or sooner. Job boards revolutionalized both job-seeking and recruiting some 15 years ago, but today users find more shortcomings than advantages. These general job boards will be replaced by micro career sites […]

What is Twitter saying about JoobsBox

Below are some featured stuff people are saying other Twitter about our job board software. JeffreyJDavis: JoobsBox : Cool Open Source Job Board - alexsinov: RT @joobs: Design your theme! #design ornerymarketer: FREE PHP JoobsBox Job Board Software For Recruiting And Listing … kertnie: Check out Joobsbox: an open source job board script […]

Job Search APIs

You probably know there are job search APIs available out there which can give you amazing result from millions of jobs in their database. Let’s try here and build a complete list: 1. API Indeed provides excellent REST based interface to developers to perform a search in their database. All you need is a […]

10 reasons to work with job boards

1) Proven model Everyone in the employment game – employers, job seekers and recruiters – knows how job boards work. Job boards are easy to use and their results have been proven for over a decade.   2) Cost-effective medium  Measured against other advertising alternatives, job boards continue to be very cost-effective. Job advertising costs starts […]

Launching a job board

Eric wrote a nice article about starting a job board. We’ll just mention some of the things we find it much more to remember: COMPETITION a big job board ( like careerbuilder) scrapes and post your jobs as their own without any attribution or links. you look successful which motivates other entrepreneurs to launch near […]

First reviews

We are rolling the alpha version for JoobsBox and first reviews already are coming up. WebResourcesDepot JoobsBox is an open source job board application built with PHP (Zend Framework) & MySQL. No membership is required to add new job listings & they can be posted under pre-defined categories. It comes with a plugin system which […]

What’s next

JoobsBox has been a very exciting project to work on. This post is going to tell you about what we’ve already got under the hood along with a roadmap for the near future. What we’ve been through = JoobsBox’s got it > Install wizard JoobsBox features a simple three steps installation wizard, which gets your […]

Main Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Admin Panel
  • Multilingual