10 reasons to work with job boards

1) Proven model
Everyone in the employment game – employers, job seekers and recruiters – knows how job boards work. Job boards are easy to use and their results have been proven for over a decade.  

2) Cost-effective medium 
Measured against other advertising alternatives, job boards continue to be very cost-effective. Job advertising costs starts from as low as $1, but generally fall within the $5- $360 range.  

3) Large audience
Job boards have scale. Through them you can reach a large and ready audience with very little investment.  

4) Speed 
The turnaround time of jobs boards in generating candidate traffic is yet to be matched by anyone.  

5) Marketing and advertising 
Job boards’ budgets for marketing and advertising cannot be matched by employers. They are much better at playing the candidate traffic game than any other in the employment space.  

6) Knowledge of job seekers
Patronised by thousands of job seekers, job boards knows a lot more about candidate behavior online than the average employer. 

7) Reach active job seekers 
Job boards are the best tools to reach active job seekers, simply because active job seekers flock to them.  

8) Ready talent pool 
Most job boards maintain a ready pool of talent that can be accessed anytime. The available talent pools are usually larger than any individual company can build.  

9) Wide reach 
Job boards reach every known demographic – from the CEO to the receptionist, from office juniors to senior management, from white-collared to blue-collared workers – job boards have the widest reach of any advertising medium.  

10) Job boards innovate 
To their credit, job boards continue to embrace technology and new trends admirably. A decade since their emergence, they are proving to be resilient to technological change, embracing rather than shunning it. Where other dot.com operations have failed, they have, to date, succeeded.

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