Job boards are dying?

Here’s a recent report and what some of experts predict will happen in 10 years: job boards will be gone in 10 years or sooner. Job boards revolutionalized both job-seeking and recruiting some 15 years ago, but today users find more shortcomings than advantages. These general job boards will be replaced by micro career sites that are designed for a specific class of jobs, for specific categories or niches.

In response Careerbuilder says you shouldn’t believe the rumors: some job boards still alive and well.
“I’m not saying that employers should consider job boards as their one and only way to find and recruit new employees…I’m just saying that you still need to consider them.”

As an open source software, our goal is to meet our users needs. And when we launched JoobsBox we first put our expertise into it and then we go beyond that. Our expectations and ideas go beyond 2010 or 2015. We are building a tool that we could use ourselves. The amount of feedback and number of downloads was huge as we only have two weeks from the official release. Thank you!

Here you can download the latest release.
And if you are a developer, don’t forget we are looking for contributors.

One Response to “Job boards are dying?”

  1. Sales Job Search Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    No, job boards are not dying. What they’re doing is evolving, as others have pointed out in various blog posts. It speaks volumes as to the value of JoobsBox as well – niche or “vertical” job search sites are the wave of the future. A paradigm shift, if you will. JoobsBox (which I’ve just come across today for the first time, somehow) seems like a tool that will help a great number of folks and companies create even more vertical and niche boards, helping further fuel the paradigm shift of which I spoke.

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