Launching a job board

Eric wrote a nice article about starting a job board. We’ll just mention some of the things we find it much more to remember:


  • a big job board ( like careerbuilder) scrapes and post your jobs as their own without any attribution or links.
  • you look successful which motivates other entrepreneurs to launch near replicas of your board.
  • a venture capitalist invites you to New York to make a pitch and a month later launches a replica of your website run by some other entrepreneur (and eventually goes out of business, lol).


  • you are so busy learning how to do everything it takes to run your business that you fail to see or understand critical changes in the marketplace and you fail to make the right course corrections at the right time.


  • you hire sales reps that can’t sell.
  • competitors offer a weaker product at a much lower price which temporarily sucks the wind out of your sails.


  • you choose a software that dies on the vine and you’re left without support.
  • you choose a software that become so successful its price rises until you can no longer afford it.
  • you develop features that are never used.
  • a developer leaves the company taking all the knowledge of your system with him.

Read the complete list.

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Main Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Admin Panel
  • Multilingual