What’s next

JoobsBox has been a very exciting project to work on. This post is going to tell you about what we’ve already got under the hood along with a roadmap for the near future.

What we’ve been through = JoobsBox’s got it

> Install wizard

JoobsBox features a simple three steps installation wizard, which gets your JoobsBox running in a minute.

> Plugin functionality

Trying to make the platform as extensible as possible and all that has been quite a challenge which we continue to pursue. JoobsBox has been learning how to make extending its functionality possible by use of plugins. For now, the available plugins sound like:

  • The Twitter Plugin – posts jobs to a twitter account given by username and password * soon to feature post twit template
  • The iPhone Plugin – makes the website compatible with the iPhone
  • The Google Analytics plugin – adds the Analytics Tracking Code to your website if you give it the tracking code and also displays statistics about traffic if you add your Analytics email and password (this is done via the new Google Analytics Export API)

> Themes functionality

JoobsBox features flexible themes which enables theme creators to do anything they want with their content. For now, JoobsBox features two themes, one inspired from the 37signals job board and the other inspired by http://joobs.ro.

> Full Text Search

By building on top of the popular Zend Framework, JoobsBox features a Full Text Search done through the powerful Lucene Engine developed by Apache Software Foundation.

> RSS Feeds

JoobsBox’s got a full site RSS feed but also a specialized RSS feed for each category.

> A lovely Admin Panel

The Joobsbox Admin panel is the Swiss Army Knife of the application. It provides the site administrator with serious means of interacting with the application, along with statistics and other juicy stuff soon.

What’s next = Roadmap

> The downloads repository

JoobsBox will soon take advantage of a central repository of main application downloads (which will contain all version history and changelog), plugin downloads and theme downloads. This repository will also provide seamless upgrades to local installations of JoobsBox – this means you don’t have to manually upgrade JoobsBox once you installed it.

> Resumé management and job applications

Users will be able to create an account and add their data along with a resumé. Also they will be able to apply to interesting jobs.

> Company profiles

> Job opening tags

> Plugins

  • joobsbox.com blog feed plugin in the dashboard
  • Akismet plugin – this is to filter SPAM posts
  • Payment plugin (integrates with PayPal and other gateways)

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Main Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Admin Panel
  • Multilingual